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Art Specifications

The ShopSpiritOnline design team uses the Macintosh O/S platform.  Files developed in this platform are preferred, but not essential, as long as the art specifications are adhered to.

SUBMIT ART FILES TO: art@ShopSpiritOnline.comalong with your order confirmation number so we can match your art file up with your order for processing.

Submitted art files must conform to the following specifications:

Art File Format


Vector graphics

Object-oriented graphics made up of points, lines, curves, and polygons (line-art)

Type fonts converted to outlines, paths or curves

The process where type is converted into line-art to avoid font issues

EPS files
(Encapsulated PostScript)

The most versatile file format available, and can be generated by all drawing applications as well as most layout applications

PDF files
(Portable Document Format)

PDF files are only accepted if they are editable vector graphics and do not contain embedded images

Art submitted in any of the following formats will incur an additional $45 per hour graphic charge for design conversion. 
(Average time incurred is generally one hour.)

Art File Format


Raster graphics(such as JPG, GIF or TIF) must be 300 dpi or higher

Graphics made up of a collection of pixels, often referred to as a “bitmapped” image

DPI stands for dots per inch.  If the art file is only 72 dpi (web quality), provide it in a large size/dimension so it can be reduced to “sharpen” the image detail.

Camera-ready art

Sharp, clean, black & white line art for scanning

FAXed art files