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Customizable Restaurant and Bar Products

ShopSpiritOnline produces custom printed, injection-molded polystyrene swizzle sticks, bar picks and foodservice accessories as well as printable wooden stir sticks and picks. Our plastic products can also be custom designed and molded to meet specific customer requirements. People love uniquely designed swizzles and often take them home as a memento of their entertainment experience.

Customizable restaurant and bar products are designed to give customers like you the means to serve patrons in unique and colorful ways. At the same time, a customized serving product can also improve your establishment's brand awareness or help promote a new menu item or special event.

Business owners like you are always looking for ways to increase your quality image while still controlling costs. In the restaurant and hospitality business, custom and specialty cocktail stirrers and picks offer an affordable way to increase the quality perception of your establishment by providing an upscale look. When patrons are lost in conversation enjoying a special cocktail and swirling it around with a custom branded cocktail stirrer, they are subtly being reminded of who is responsible for their entertainment experience. Transform your cocktail accessories today!

Our products have been helping our customers serve theirs for over 75 years. Let us help you.