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  Stock Restaurant and Bar Picks

Don't make your patrons fish for their cocktail garnishes! Secure your olives and cherries with a cocktail pick instead. Select from our Triangle Prism Pick varieties or order classic Sword Picks and Arrow Picks to elevate your beverage service at ShopSpiritOnline.

Our bar picks do double duty as food picks in restaurants since many items in the collection are ideal for specialty sandwiches and finger foods. Order taller picks to hold hefty burgers together or augment sandwiches with a creative garnish and upscale your food presentation instantly.


 Item #01-0848:
 3.5″ Triangle Prism  Pick
 Item #01-1709:
 4.5″ Martini Glass  Prism Pick
 Item #01-2418:
 3.75″ SideKick®  Pick
 Item #01-0861:
 4.5″ Triangle Prism  Pick
 Item #06-0600:
 3″ Sword Pick
 Item #01-0473:
 5.5″ ArrowStic Pick
 Item #01-0451:
 5″ Triangle Prism  Pick
 Item #01-0446:
 4.5″ Sword Pick
 Item #01-2336:
 3.25″ Carved-Top  Toothpick
 Item #01-0912:
 6″ Triangle Prism  Pick
 Item #01-0074:
 3.5″ Arrow Pick -  Heavy
 Item #01-0435:
 3.5″ Ball-End Arrow  Pick