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  Stock Restaurant and Bar Products

ShopSpiritOnline is a U.S. manufacturer of injection-molded polystyrene cocktail stirrers, picks and select foodservice accessories used by restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and hotels across the country. We’ve been designing and manufacturing these specialty products for over 80 years and produce them with quality, strength and style. In fact, it was the Spirit company founder, Jay Sindler, who invented the first cocktail pick back in 1934!

Our stock food and beverage accessories equip businesses with essential and distinctive items for running a bar, restaurant or special event—from swizzle sticks, bar picks and sandwich picks to fish forks.

At ShopSpiritOnline, you’ll find a great selection of customer favorites among our classic cocktail stirrers and picks. No restaurant or bar should be without our standard Ball-End Stirrers or Triangle Prism Picks. What’s a tropical cocktail by the beach without a Flamingo Pick to hold the fruit-filled garnish or, a quality Angus steak without a steak marker to ensure your customer’s expectations are met?

Our themed stirrer and pick varieties deliver lots of smiles and our Sea-Shellers® famously open crab legs across the nation.