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Setting the right atmosphere is important when you run a themed restaurant, bar or special event. In the hospitality business, details matter. ShopSpiritOnline offers a unique selection of quality themed cocktail stirrers and picks to add some fun to your beverage offerings and enliven your customers' entertainment experience. People love novelty cocktail stirrers and picks!


 Item #01-0903:
 Seahorse Stirrer
 Item #01-0910:
 6″ Surfboard Stirrer
 Item #01-0860:
 4.5″ Palm Tree Pick
 Item #01-0884:
 6″ Flamingo Stirrer
 Item #01-0841:
 3.5″ Flamingo Pick
 Item #01-0921:
 7.5″ Palm Tree
 Item #01-1501:
 6″ Lobster Stirrer
 Item #01-0404:
 6″ Steer Stirrer
 Item #01-0846:
 6″ Treble Pick
 Item #01-0383:
 6″ Golf Ball Stirrer
 Item #01-0467:
 4.5″ Golf Ball Pick
 Item #01-0911:
 6″ Tennis Stirrer