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  Custom Printed, Wooden Cocktail Stirrers and Picks

The organic appeal of wooden cocktail stirrers and picks makes them ideal for businesses looking to project more of a natural image. You'll find a variety of shapes suitable for custom printing your company logo, business brand or new menu item(s).

Our wooden stir sticks can be used in either hot or cold beverages, and our wooden picks are suitable for both bar picks and sandwich picks. Wooden drink stirrers and picks are naturally biodegradable and compostable. These items are customer favorites among cruise ships, coffee shops, trendy cafes and resort spas to name a few.


 Item #02-0654:
 6″ Wood Disc Stirrer
 Item #02-0647:
 6″ Wood Upright  Rectangle Stirrer
 Item #05-0645:
 4″ Wood Paddle Pick
 Item #02-0644:
 5″ Wood Oval Pick
 Item #02-0655:
 4″ Wood Disc Pick